Rike Of Three Sisters

There are giants. There are ghosts. There is evil.

A long time ago (we're talking ages here) there were 3 trollwives, Wrath, Fear, and Despair. Some do-gooder turned them into the mountains that now sit at the center of the Rike. From these mountains, the Red River flows down and to the east, eventually rolling on through the civilized places and out to sea. On the west, the Reich ends at the sea of Sorrows. And on the south, the Black river cuts a wide swath. Some brave adventurers once entered the Black Delta. They have never been heard from again. Nobody knows what the northern border of the Rike is.

Things they say:

  • Frost giants live in the Icy Vale
  • Dwarves once lived in the crags
  • Copper Hill is haunted