"Because this city invented old school."

Who are we?

We're a bunch of gamers who live in Philadelphia. We're writers, artists, parents, and spouses. Once a month or so, we get together on a casual basis to play Dungeons & Dragons, the nerdiest (and best) game of all time. We hang out, and have a good time playing a silly game.

Why are we doing this?

Gary Gygax, who with Dave Arneson invented Dungeons & Dragons in the early 1970s, passed away in March, 2008. We wanted to pay our respects by breaking out the ol' red box we loved so well when we were children.

Turns out, though, that the reason we loved the old game is because it's incredibly fun, and we're playing a couple more sessions until we all get bored and move on to other pastimes.

Where and when do you play?

Right now we are still in the planning stages. We do not have a schedule yet, but join the forum (start) and let us know your preferences. In the future, the calendar below will have a list of games and places.

Why would anyone play Dungeons & Dragons?

Because it kicks ass. There are a lot of versions of the game, but this particular version is pretty much cover-to-cover perfect: I defy anyone to play this game and have a bad time. Written by Tom Moldvay around 1980, it is now out of print, but an eBay search should find a bunch for like US$5. An almost identical version written by Frank Mentzer a few years later is slightly more user-friendly.

Can I play with you guys?

Sure! Check out our page for new players, then swing on by the forums and pitch in!

Do you have, like, a calendar of events as befits a sophisticated, Internet-savvy gaming club?


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